Each year there are many special people who volunteer their time at Frontier Lodge. They give of themselves, invest their time and talents and become blessings to other staff as well as to the campers whose lives are touched by them for a time. If you are interested in joining our team as a staff member or a volunteer take a look at our employment page.


The Landons

Dennis - Executive Director


The Taylors

Tim - Program Director


The Cairns

Troy - Site Manager


The Tarrs

Dave - Assistant Site Manager

The Vandekraats

 Kristen - Program Manager


Darcy - Sr. Program Staff

Raylene Middel

Operations Director


Megan Barrett

Kitchen Manager


Dennis & Hannah Landon

Explore Directors

Allan Kreller

Canoe Coordinator

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Josh Rowlands

Program Core Team

Mark Blydorp

Biking Coordinator

The Hulls

Cindy - Bookkeeper



Tobi Von Butler

Core Program Team

April Archibald

Business Manager

Hannah Freedman

Core Program Team

Kyler Barkman

Core Program Team


Frank Martens

Explore Program

Johanna Trautwein

Kitchen Assistant